Gemini Woman And Pisces Man

A lot of compromise is called for from both the partners for the relationship to succeed. Initially the Gemini woman will be strongly attracted and obsessed y the wistful looks as well as passionate nature of the Pisces man. Unfortunately, that would only be a temporary phase as differences would soon start surfacing. Gemini woman is too articulate about the feelings of Pisces man and he finds it very difficult to express what he feels.


She is blunt and has a sharp tongue that could hurt the Pisces man who is highly sensitive. Solution is that Gemini woman must make Pisces man feel loved and the man on turn will have to get involved in extensive conversation with the woman against his basic nature. Sharp in intellect, Gemini woman has many childlike characteristics. Adventure and change is the keyword for her and she loves freedom and can rarely hold on to one person or one thing for long. But she has sparking mental and physical energies emanating from her like shock waves.

Pisces man is gentle, easy going and laid back type. Too many demands by Gemini woman may trigger a bit of attitude in him but he will make the first move again to appease her. He is vulnerable and has a lost look most of the times. Due to intellectual richness and openness in both the partners, romance would never be wanting as the characteristics will create a nice balance between Gemini man and Pisces woman. Both are social and will love to discover things that will help a calming and subtle relationship. Unfortunately, despite such positive traits the love match may not last long as they trade on two different levels of mind altogether.

While they will be great in constructive conversation, Gemini woman is the one that will have to keep the pace as the Pisces man is the procrastinator. If this does not happen, the relationship will go nowhere. Since they are similar in privacy, independence, art and also music, initially sexual life will also move along well. But their differences of motive and reasoning are bound to surface at some point creating huge differences. And that would be the end of the road for the duo in their relationship.

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